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Kieran Greer. (2008). Thinking Networks - the Large and Small of it: Autonomic and Reasoning Processes for Information Networks,, ISBN: 1440433275.

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This book is mainly a research monograph, but it also contains blue sky research sections and also some informative or teaching sections. It tries to cover research areas that look at adding autonomous or reasoning capabilities to information networks. It would be of interest to both academic or industrial researchers looking to build intelligent networks. For example, the telecommunications sector might want to add intelligent services to the Internet or to a mobile environment. The suggested architecture however could be used to build networks that range in size from large-scale Internet-based networks to small local neural network-like structures, and ultimately offers an architecture on which to build a network that might even begin to 'think'. Some of the research has been proven, while the more ambitious claims or suggestions are for future research.

The book covers areas such as the AI (including Autonomous systems, Intelligent, Cognitive or Neural Network-like systems, and Bio-inspired networks), Internet/p2p/mobile networks, Knowledge management, SOA, Semantic Networks (Semantic Web, Ontologies, Web Services, Grid), XML-based languages and query processes. The technologies that are described in this book are also related to the new 'Cloud Computing' enironment.

You can view an online version of the book here. It can also be bought from various online stores.